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Efforts of Operators for Running Straw Pellet Mill

For all the factors to influence the work of straw pellet mill, they are indispensable from the skillful adjustment of operators. As operators of straw pellet mill, you should strictly conform to the operational instruction and turn on the machine in steps. In order to reasonably adjust the parts of straw pellet mill like distance between die and roller, blade of agitator and transmission parts, you should ensure the machine work under normal condition and reasonably select the ring die.

straw pellet mill

For the distance between ring die and press rollers, it should be controlled at 0.4mm. If the distance is smaller than 0.4mm, the feeding angle of fie hole will be damaged due to the serious friction between ring die and pressing rollers. The ring die and press roller should not be too close. Or else, the heat produced by friction between die and roller would coke the heat-sensitive materials and cause the block of die hole.

While, if distance between die hole and pressing roll is too large, press rollers will slip and die holes will be blocked. Quality oriented, product will be excellent. With advanced technologies being introduced from America, Germany, Japan and Australia and products being exported to more than 30 countries, FTM China Machinery is always doing its best to offer the best products and services for customers.

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