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Factors to Influence the Work of Straw Pellet Mill

For the pelletizing work of straw pellet mill, performance of every part plays an important role, especially for the main driving system. To examine the working performance of main driving system, you should notice whether noise and vibration exist during the working process of straw pellet machine. For operators, you should master the performance, principle and structure of straw pellet mill and ways for adjust the parts.

straw pellet mill

Climate, as one of the important factors for the pelletizing work of straw pellet mill, includes the humidity and temperature. According to the climate situation, you should reasonably adjust the pressure and addition of steam. When it comes to the dry climate, the steam should be lower in pressure and higher in amount. While, if the humidity in air is high, you should increase the addition and pressure of steam. Meanwhile, water content in raw materials should be strictly controlled. Or else, finished pellets would be easy to mildewed.

When using the newly-purchased ring dies, you should clear the remained spiricle and foreign matters like chloride and scrap iron. Or else, the ring die would be seriously blocked. As a professional supplier of straw pellet machine, FTM China Machinery is known as the NO.1 brand of China Mining Machinery. At first, the quality has passed the international authorization of ISO9001. Even if it has some failures, FTM will immediately give solutions or allocate specialized staff to your working site.

By virtue of the systemic after-sales service, FTM China Machinery has established favorable long-term relationships with many mining enterprises at home and abroad. Discounts for you on website!

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