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Addition of Grease for FTM Straw Pellet Machine

Straw pellet mill, also named as straw pellet machine, is featured in the high working efficiency, great working capacity and long service life. Have you ever troubled with the pressing dies of straw pellet mill? Hope the following content can help you. For the newly-purchased press dies, you should lubricate and polish them to some extent by firstly processing some raw materials rich in high oil grease like oil cake. To improve the output of straw pellet machine and prolong the service life of press dies, you should fully polish the die holes with materials great in abrasive force.

straw pellet machine

If straw pellet machine needs to be rested for a much longer period, you should fill the die holes with saw dust immersed in oil to avoid the rust. If water content in raw materials is too high, they will become softened and block the die holes. To the maximum, water content in raw materials should be controlled at about 18%. To reduce the wearing degree and prolong the service life of pressing dies, you should clean away the foreign matters in advance.

Besides, you should reasonably adjust the distance between pressing dies and press rollers at about 0.3-0.4mm. If raw materials are grass powder, you should adjust the distance at 0.5mm. If the distance between dies and rollers is improper, you have to confront the problems like rapid wear of press rollers and easy blocking of die holes.

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