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Common Failures of FTM Sawdust Pellet Mill

Sawdust pellet mill, also named as sawdust pellet machine, is mainly used to process agricultural and forestry materials. If you can not operate or maintain the sawdust pellet mill well, it will be easier to have some failures during the working process. The first is the blocking of tremie pipe. When the tremie pipe is blocked, raw materials stored in inner shell can spill into the finished products. As a result, fineness of finished products will suddenly become greater. For this situation, you should immediately shut down the sawdust pellet machine for checks.

sawdust pellet mill

The second is the hole at the crook of discharging pipe. If holes caused by the serious abrasion occur, you should immediately weld up. The third is the asymmetry of control panels. During the working process, control panels are easy to move outwards or inwards due to the vibration. Gradually, fineness of finished products is easy to change. 

For the newly-purchased sawdust pellet mill, if it has worked for more than 500 hours, you should clean the manual fuel pump, change the hydraulic oil, check the pressure filled in accumulator, fasten the screws for contacting key parts, adjust the tensity of triangle belts and make deep maintenance. If triangle belts for fastening the key parts are used for a much longer period, they will be easier to become loosened. More seriously, the production line of sawdust pellet mill would be influenced.

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