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Steam Control for the FTM Straw Pellet Machine

By virtue of the reasonable design and installation for piping system, the work of straw pellet mill can effectively ensure the pressure and flow of steam, feasibly avoid the entry of condensate water in pipe into the modulator. The suitable steam pressure should vary from 0.2MPa to 0.4MPa. If you want to make the steam pressure in the stable condition, the fluctuations of pressure should be no more than 0.05MPa. When it refers to the purchase of reducing valve, you should select the one featured in the excellent quality and stable performance.

straw pellet mill

After raw materials are modulated by the steam, water content inside should be controlled at about 15%. For the temperature, it should be about 85℃. For raw materials within high water content, the steam pressure should be high. On the contrary, the steam pressure should be low. In a word, before the working process of straw pellet machine, control of steam quality has greater influence to the modulating effect of raw materials.

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