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Three Factors for the Work of Straw Pellet Mill

For the production of particle fuels, the most ideal three factors are proper water content in raw materials, excellent quality of steam and sufficient time for modulating. Before the working process of straw pellet mill, you should make the water content in raw materials within a certain scope. If the water content inside is too high, raw materials will be much easier to adhere on the walls. More seriously, the discharging work of straw pellet making machine would be seriously influenced.

straw pellet mill

On the contrary, the finished products will be too dry and easy to crack. For different users of straw pellet mill, they have different kinds of raw materials. So, for any kinds of raw materials, it is advisable to control the water content less than 13%. The right application of saturated steam for pelletizing particles can effectively improve the output of straw pellet machine and quality of particle fuels. Except for the high-efficient work of granulator, high yield of straw pellet making machine is also indispensable from the quality of saturated steam in modulator.

During the pelletizing process, feasible application of saturated steam can improve the production rate, lower the friction thermal energy and prolong the service life of ring dies. Meanwhile, the application of saturated steam can lower the energy consumption, increase the briquetting ratio and reduce the content of powders. By virtue of the above advantages, the finished products are much easier for marketing.

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