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Reasons for Uneven Discharge of Wood Pellet Mill

During the working process of wood pellet mill, you may be confronted with some abnormal situations like uneven feeding and high vibrating noise, etc. How to deal with them is the discussing point of this paper. If the pinch roller of wood pellet mill has dust inside or the lubricating oil is ineffective, the pinch roller will be difficult to move. For this situation, it is common to be seen. If things go on like this, the discharging speed will be influenced. Therefore, you should often check the working conditions of pinch roller.

wood pellet machine

To process the watered materials with the wood pellet mill, they have to be evaporated in the granulating room. Therefore, before the evaporation, the discharging speed is always slow. To deal with this problem, you can adjust the water content in raw materials. If transmission parts like bearings are seriously worn out, the discharging speed of wood pellet press will be somewhat uneven. To deal with this problem, you can change the bearings with new ones.

If the size of raw material is unmatched with the feeding size of wood pellet press, the discharging speed will be greatly influenced. For large-block materials in the granulating room, they can enter into the die openings if being repeatedly rolled by the pinch rollers. Therefore, you should adjust the size of raw materials before the working process of wood pellet machine.

If the discharge of finished products at the conditioner part is uneven, the working current of wood pellet machine will have great fluctuation. At this time, you should adjust the paddle of conditioner. Or else, the discharging speed will be uneven.

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