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Development of Sawdust Pellet Mill in 2015

Due to the energy crisis and environmental deterioration, new energy fuels develop rapidly. In the year of 2015, the sawdust pellet mill lies in the period of high-speed development. From the beginning to the end of 2015, there are policies coming one after another. According to the viewpoints of some specialists, relevant policies for supporting the development of biomass energy will gradually point to the monetization.

sawdust pellet mill

For the next five years, policies related with the tax reduction or exemption will be implemented. These policies are no doubt the powerful stimulant for the industrialization of biomass energy. As its name implies, the biomass energy is the chemical energy stored in the biomass materials. The chemical energy is the variant of solar energy. The biomass energy, directly or indirectly originated from the photosynthesis of green plants, can be transformed into the conventional fuels in the solid, liquid or gaseous states. As a kind of renewable resource, the biomass energy can be recycled.

Nowadays, the energy structure in rural areas has been changed from the traditional fuels to the biomass energy. The effective and modernized change is indispensable from the application of sawdust pellet mill. With another name of sawdust pellet machine, the sawdust pellet mill is able to process those agricultural wastes into biomass particles of great value.

The application of sawdust pellet machine can effectively avoid the environmental pollution caused by directly burning the agricultural wastes and change the rural images. As the main stream to create the ecological civilization and realize the sustainable development, the sawdust pellet machine can effectively stimulate the development of recycling economy.

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