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Past, Now and Future of Straw Pellet Mill

For the former granulators, they are family-style workshops. Featured in the small output and low investment, the granulators are mainly used to produce fodders. Later on, the industry of biomass energy is becoming more and more strong and gradually get rid of the production of fodders. While, seeing from the straw pellet mill at current times, you can still find the traces of granulators. For some backward enterprises, they still use the granulators to make energy fuels.

straw pellet making machine  

In recent years, along with the industrial development of biomass energy, the popularity of biomass fuels is greater than that of fodders. For the former straw pellet mill, it works on the flat dies and is just suitable to the production of small output. While, for the current straw pellet mill, it works on the vertical ring dies. Based on the vertical ring dies, the straw pellet machine has acquired another new breakthrough. With regard to the future development of straw pellet making machine, it will be more advanced, high-efficient and environmental-friendly.

In a word, the prospect of straw pellet machine will be much wider. Looking forward to working with you in the near future. Under the current circumstance that coal price goes wild, it is advisable to invest the straw pellet making machine. The finished products, which can be used as fuels to take the places of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, are of high value. What’s more, if you invest the straw pellet mill, you will be able to get the government subsidies.

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