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What You Will Enjoy by Using the Wood Pellet Mill?

Along with the continuous development of national economy, problem of energy shortage is becoming more and more serious. In order to deal the energy crisis, alleviate the environmental pollution and protect the ecological environment, application of biomass energy is of growing importance. Under the extrusion force of wood pellet mill, agricultural wastes like straws, hulls and sawdust are crushed first and then compressed into the desired particles. The desired particles, as the finished products of wood pellet press, can be directly used as fuels.

wood pellet press

Except for the above materials, wood pellet making machine can also suppress materials like wheat straw, wheat hull, wheat bran, bean straw, cotton straw, herb residue, branches, leaves, wood shavings, saw dust, hay, edible fungus pack waste and so on. Being made up of high-quality alloy, the form board and press roller are specially treated. Under the fraction force, principal axis and flat die drive the roller to revolve on its axis. Between the press rollers and form boards, raw materials are gelatinized under the high temperature.

Protein in materials is clotted and denatured. Under the extrusion of press rollers, finished products are discharged out through the die holes. Biomass particles, produced by the wood pellet making machine, are delivered outside by the dumping tray. The length of biomass particles can be adjusted by the kerf. For feeders, the wood pellet machine is the first choice to lower the feeding cost and improve the economic benefits.

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