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Tips to Improve the Output of Peanut Hull Pellet Mill

Using peanut hull pellet mill for long time can reduce the output. Moreover, worn parts and inappropriate installment are also the important factors affecting the output. In order to improve the yield of the peanut hull pellet mill, you can take some actions:

You must guarantee the quality of lubricating oil, and waste oil can not be used directly. There are impurities and oily sludge in the waste oil. If there is water in the lubricating oil you can use oil skimmer to dehydrate. Only high quality lubricating oil can ensure the smoothly running of the Fote peanut hull pellet mill. Different machine needs different kinds of lubricating oil. And you should pay attention to the dose in accordance of the machine model.

peanut hull pellet mill

To do maintenance works well, such as cleaning to prevent remnants from damaging the machine; adopting various methods to prevent rusting; inspecting speed machine and motor regularly. The materials should be fed with the required mesh size without mixing with any metal objects that will damage roll skin surface. Uniform feeding can guarantee the final ball rate. The operators must be skillful and fully understand the machine's structure, working principle and operating methods. They should be responsible and carefully. If you can pay attention to maintenance, Fote peanut hull pellet mill can last a long time.

Increase the motor power of the peanut hull pellet mill. Electromotor is the main energy resource for running of the machine. Increasing the motor power appropriately can improve production efficiency. Timely maintenance can ensure the stable performance of the pellet mill and at the same time helps to bring us more profit. To learn more information about Fote peanut hull pellet mill, please email us: Our technical team will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible.


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