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Role of Straw Pellet Mill for Cleaning Environment

The biomass particles, produced by the straw pellet mill, can take the place of natural resources like coal, oil and natural gas. The straw pellet machine not only contributes a lot for the environmental protection, but also brings a lot for economic benefits. In China, the straw output is about 6-8 billion tons every year. Among the straws, the corn straw is featured in large area, high output and great potential for development. Under the pressure of straw pellet making machine, the straw materials can be processed into fuels and fodders.

straw pellet mill

The direct combustion of straw materials not only causes serious pollution to the surrounded environment, but also wastes a lot of resources. For the straw returning to field, it develops relatively fast and can add more organic matters on the soil. While, there still exist some shortcomings. If this behavior lasts for a much longer period, the soil nutrient will become disordered. Comprehensive application of agricultural wastes, as one of the hot-discussed topics, not only conforms to the current national situation, but also applies to national policies.

The birth of straw pellet mill, as a new breakthrough in the field of energy resources, is a stimulate to change the traditional application of agricultural straws. The application of straw pellet machine, being more standard, normative and industrial, is of significant importance to increase the incomes for farmers and stimulate the development of regional economy.

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