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Checks for the Dynamo of Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

Ring die wood pellet mill, also named as ring die pellet mill for short, is mainly used to produce the required particles by suppressing the raw materials. Then, do you know how to check the dynamo of ring die wood pellet machine?The dynamo should often works under the rated electricity. Situations like large dragging load, low voltage or mechanical binding all would make the dynamo overloaded.

ring die wood pellet mill

If the overloaded time is too long, the dynamo will adsorb a lot of active power from the grid. As a result, the electricity will significantly increase. The working temperature of dynamo will increase, too. Under the high temperature, the insulation layer of dynamo will become aged and finally be burned. Therefore, during the working process of ring die pellet mill, you should often check whether the transmission device runs normally or flexibly.

If mechanical binding occurs, you should immediately shut down the ring die wood pellet machine and repair failures. The working dynamo should be free of vibration, noise and abnormal smells. If the dynamo vibrates, the non-concentricity between dynamo and loaded part will rise. As a result, the dynamo will be overloaded and burned finally. Therefore, during the working process of dynamo, especially for those high-powered dynamos, you should often check the foundation bolt, motor end cover, bearing cover and grounding device, etc.

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