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Relevant Infos About the Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

During the working process of ring die wood pellet machine, you can adjust the feeding amount by observing the readings on ammeter and working condition of main engine. Remember, the feeding amount should not be changed too fast. Host of ring die pellet mill should be free of overloaded operation, or else the ring die and press rollers would be damaged potentially. For newly-purchased ring dies, they should undergo a grinding process. Only so, they can exert their great value.

ring die wood pellet mill

You should often check the oil level in reducer and other devices. If oil is less than required, you should immediately add. In general, changes of lubricating oil for newly-purchased ring die wood pellet machine should be made after one month. If the operation of ring die pellet mill lasts for more than half year, it is OK to make oil changes. With regard to the addition of lubricating grease, existing grease should be all removed out and then it is OK to add new one.

Different from the products of counterparts, products of FTM China machinery cover a relatively wider range from sand making equipments, briquetting machine to drying machine and pelletizing machine. In a word, to be broad with details inside is the working direction of FTM. Based on the painstaking efforts, FTM products have become the leaders of domestic markets and more and more popular around the foreign markets.

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