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Four Protection Devices of Ring Die Pellet Mill

Self-protection devices of ring die pellet mill include the de-iron device, interlocking device, out-of-machine discharging device and overload protection device. This paper mainly discusses about these kinds of protection devices. De-iron protection device is composed of three high-strength magnets, which play the role of effectively removing the iron matters out of raw material. In order to avoid the ring die from being damaged when opening the door of pressing room, we can install a travel switch beside the door clamp.

ring die pellet mill

When opening the door closure, the travel switch automatically cuts off the electricity. Ring die wood pellet mill will stop working and can not run. If there is something wrong with the ring die pellet mill and shut-down can not be carried out immediately, all materials will be discharged out as long as we pull open the discharging handle. Discharging handle is a kind of out-of-machine discharging devices.

Overload protection device is composed of emergency seat, friction plate, disc spring and adjusting screw, etc. When foreign matters enter into the granulating room or material flow is too large, the spindle torque will exceed the rated friction torque and make the shaft gland touch the travel switch. As long as the travel switch is touched, the electricity will be cut off. The friction torque is adjusted by the pressure of screws.

All the above devices are self-protection devices. They effectively ensure the operational safety of ring die pellet mill and reduce the failure rate. They are necessary parts for ring die wood pellet machine. Want more information? please leave messages our official website or directly email us at We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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