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FTM Machinery Reminds You to Care About the Dridex

If you are British and not vigilant with your online banking, you have to be careful. According to the news report, The UK's National Crime Agency is hunting cyber-attackers who stole more than £20m from British bank accounts. The cyber-attackers can siphon off funds by a Malware named Dridex. By working with the FBI and other authorities, The NCA has limited the usefulness of Dridex to criminals and arrested one cyber-attacker. After sharing the news with you, here comes to the main text about the dismantling details of ring die pellet mill.

ring die pellet mill

The revolving speed of ring die, which plays the role of influencing the output of ring die pellet mill, has great relationships with the technical parameter of ring die pellet mill itself, numbers of press rollers, diameter and depth of moulding die, etc. There are several things that you need to notice about when dismantling the ring die of ring die wood pellet machine. Before dismantling, you have to ensure the ring die has filled with oil matters. Then, you should loosen the clamping bolt on punch tool seat and move up the parting tool. After that, you open the host door and use the allen wrench to loosen the bolts for dismantling the feeding hopper.

Next, you need to dismantle the slack adjuster, adjust the press rollers and make the press rollers far away from the inner wall of ring die. Holding screen between ring die wood pellet machine and connecting set should be dismantled, too. Since the ring die is relatively big and heavy in volume and weight, you need to make protective measures when dismantling the ring die. If you need our products, please leave messages our official website or directly email us at

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