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Twitter’s Charm, FTM Machinery Has Tasted a lot

According to the latest news, Twitter's new executive chairman tweeted just 8 times before he got the job. Then, how many times you have twitted in the Twitter? Hope to see you in Twitter.Then, let’s come to see the properties of ring die. As an important part for ring die pellet mill, ring die has to be featured in the following properties. The first property is strong wear resistance. If you want to improve the wear resistance of ring die by strengthening the hardness of moulding die, you have to bear the poor tenacity of ring die. In another word, greater the wear resistance, poorer the tenacity.

ring die pellet mill

Therefore, you should control the improved hardness of moulding die in a limited degree. The second property is corrosion resistance. To improve the corrosion resistance, you need to upgrade the metal structure of moulding die and better the chemical components of corrosion-resistant material. The last property is the hole number. If the moulding die is poor in quality, it is difficult to improve the total output of ring die wood pellet machine just by increasing the hole number.

On the contrary, increasing the hole number may cause the crack of moulding die. Therefore, the hole number should be kept in moderate. At the same time, quality of moulding die should be as good as possible. All the above properties are the basic requirements toward the selection of ring die for ring die pellet mill. If you want to more information, please feel free to visit our website or directly email us at We’ll reply to you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to leave messages!

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