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Ring die wood pellet mill, with remarkable advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, great economic and social benefits, is well-received among the world markets. If you are new-comers, there are something that you should notice about. For the fear of any damage for the press rollers and ring die, you should make the raw materials to be fed free of any metal subjects. Raw material to be processed should have the water content varying from 15% to 20%. If the water content is over than 20%, molding effect will be influenced. If the water content is less than 15%, material blocking will be easy to occur.

ring die pellet mill

Before the turn-on of ring die wood pellet mill, you should carefully check the oil-way of oiling machine for the fear of any damage for bearing and other fittings. At the very initial minutes, the feeding speed should not be too fast. Feeding speed should be at normal when you feel the machine a little hot after about 10 minutes. Or else, high temperature would be easy to occur due to the material blocking. For the newly changed ring die, you should grind it by the abrasive materials.

The feeding speed should be timely adjusted according to the discharging situation and temperature changes of ring die wood pellet machine. When the discharging process is just started, you may see much powders and less particles. This is normal. After a few minutes, you can see the desired situation of all excellent particles. You should check the fixing parts like screws and pipes at any time you want for the fear of looseness. Interested in our products? please leave messages our official website or directly email us at

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