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Less Cost, Higher Value-Fote Straw Pellet Mill

The working process of straw pellet mill can be regarded as a process to create products and profits, also a process to bear any risks. Many people have doubted whether there are effective ways to make the straw pellet machine exert its greatest values or not. Then, this paper will discuss about some factors for influencing the working efficiency of straw pellet making machine. Doubts in your mind may be solved if you take this paper as reference. The first factor is raw material itself. The influence of raw material can be regarded as the greatest for the working efficiency of whole production line.

straw pellet mill

For straw pellet mill, the commonly used raw material is agricultural straw. Nearly more than half products of photosynthesis exist in the straw material, so straw material is rich in nutrient substances like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other organic matters, etc. With regard to water content in straw material, it has great influence to the crushing or pelletizing effect. Water content, being maintained at about 18%, is the best. If straw material is too wet, pelletizing work will be much difficult. On the contrary, if straw material is too dry, binding force will be poor and wearing degree of straw pellet machine will be much serious.

The second factor is cost. Factors like rich raw material in local place, convenient transportation and low recycling cost are important premises for the investment of straw pellet production line. We can call them as production cost. If you take the above factors of production cost into considerations, dream of less production cost, higher economic benefits is able to be realized. Straw pellet mill supplier:

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