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Introduction to the Ring Die of Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet mill, also named as wood pellet making machine or wood pellet press, is more and more popular among customers in these years. As we all know, the wood pellet mill machine has two kinds of ring dies. They are called ordinary ring die and vertical ring die. Either for ordinary ring die or for vertical ring die, the granulating chamber is in perfect sealing. During the working process of wood pellet mill machine, the temperature inside the granulating chamber would become more and more high due to the serious extrusion between wood materials.

wood pellet mill

Under the high temperature, bearing inside the granulating chamber is easy to be damaged. Since the bearing is the core part of wood pellet making machine, frequent changes would increase the cost, reduce the total output and waste the production time. With regard to the feeding way of wood pellet making machine equipped with ordinary ring die, the mold is placed in vertical. Before entering into the pelletizing mold, raw material needs to turn 90°. While for wood pellet press equipped with vertical ring die, raw material directly enters into the pelletizing mold without the need to pass any turns.

Since the wood materials like sawdust are relatively light, it is not easy to make them pass turns. While for vertical ring die, the structure is in straight. After entering the ring die, wood materials are thrown around under the rotation of pinch roller. Finally, these wood materials are evenly suppressed into particles with same size. Interested in our products? Please feel free to visit our website and leave messages for more information. Fote wood pellet mill price:

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