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Ways to Improve the Molding Effect for Finished Briquettes

Molding pressure of briquette press machine is very important to finished briquettes. If the strength of finished briquettes is poor, the sequential utilization will be severely influenced. That’s the last thing that briquetting machine manufacturers want to see. Many people have the same question that what size is the most appropriate for finished briquettes. Actually this is dependent on the property of briquette press machine itself and the size of double rollers is the main factor. Take the lime briquetting machine as an example. Since the diameter of double rollers is relatively large, it is not difficult to produce large lime briquettes. The volume of lime briquetting machine is decided by global market, thus the finished briquettes can conform to the market demands and easy to be sold or bought.

briquette press machine

If the temperature in briquette plant is extremely high, the hardness of roller skin will be affected and even damaged, especially for those under heavy working loads. Since the working environment of those out-door briquetting press machines is unstable, the regular shutdown check is necessary by overhauling the inner parts or dismantling some pars. Before cleaning the briquette making machine, users should shut down the machine firstly and then take down the upper cover of bearing box for careful clean with brush. Users should clean the remains like oil stain and dust on briquetting press machine. After the above cleaning, uses should coat all the important parts with lubricating oil for the fear of being damaged.

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