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Influence of Revolving Speed on Molding Quality

The revolving speed of ball press machine can decide the total output to some extent and it has certain influence on the quality of finished briquettes. The revolving speed of press roller decides the stay time of raw material on the distance between two rollers. If press rollers move slowly, the shear stress between ball sockets will decrease a lot. But the so called “move slowly” does not mean: the slower speed, the better products. Then what’s revolving speed is reasonable?

ball press machine

The revolving speed of briquette press machine is generally controlled at 3-13r/min. The time for pressing raw materials should be appropriately kept between 0.6s and 0.8s. The motive power is delivered to the double press rollers through the reducer and makes the rollers rotate toward converse direction. During the rotating period, raw materials naturally enter into the ball socket for being pressed by double rollers. When the raw materials close to the connect point between two press rollers, the suppressive power reaches to the maximum. Under the huge pressure, raw materials change from powder into finished briquettes.

The common briquetting press machine has two press rollers. Basing on the continuous research and development, Fote has manufactured the newly-type briquette making machine with four press rollers. The feeding model is changed from one-way to three-way. When you choose the new type of briquette plant, the cracking in finished briquettes are difficult to appear during the loading and using processes. At the same time, you can lower the cost to the utmost degree.

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