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Something Related with the Application of Wood Pellet Mill

In the ordinary industry of machinery equipment, the wood pellet mill and straw pellet machine may not be valued. While if someone tells you that the finished products of wood pellet machine is biomass pellet fuels, a kind of new regenerative and environmental friendly resource with the potential ability to take the place of traditional energies like oil, natural gas and coal, then most people will pay much attention to it. The working principle of biomass pellet machine is to process the domestic waste into biomass pellet fuel physically, which can meet the human needs for living and production.

wood pellet mill

The production line includes the main equipment like two rotor mill, belt conveyor, rotary screen, cylinder dryer, bucket elevator, main pellet mill, counterflow cooler, granular packaging machine and so on. It is well-known that the exceeded feeding amount will cause the severe stacking of material, which not only causes the efficiency reduction of screening but also damages the screen potentially. Thus the dip angle of wood pellet machine should be adjusted. Appropriate angle is helpful to reduce the thickness of material and realize the thin layer screening.

The quality of wood pellet mill directly influences its service life and working efficiency. Thus before purchasing, customers should have a clear and complete understanding of the whole equipment, including the qualified rate of main fittings. Then distinguishing the main parts of wood pellet machine are qualified or not is of great necessity. With single unit and integral unit, the wood pellet production line of Fote has the various yield output like 300kg, 400kg, 1ton, 2ton and so on. And according to the requirements of customers, Fote has the responsibility to design and produce personalized products.

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