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Service Life of the Ring Die Part

As a part of pellet making machine, the ring die can be regarded as the heart of the equipment. Nice operation of ring die ensures the whole equipment to work normally and smoothly. Actually, there is a direct relation between the service life of ring die and its ordinary utilization. Abrasion of die hole within a certain limit is OK for maintaining the service life of ring die. During the actual utilization process of ring die pellet mill, regular maintenance is necessary.

ring die wood pellet mill

When pellet fodders are made by ring die wood pellet mill, the size of them must be controlled well for the fear that the inner parts are seriously damaged and the service life of ring die is shortened. As to some special design techniques, they are conducive to improve the overall working efficiency of ring die pellet machine. But they need to be cleaned after the fulfillment of whole processing. Or we can regard it as a disguised maintenance.

The fineness of ring die is very high when pellet machine works. Good fineness ensures the main engine from being damaged and advanced design prevents the ring die from being cracked during the actual using of ring die pellet mill. As a matter of fact, these above measures can be effectively taken to prolong the service life of ring die. If cleaning work and maintenance for ring die can be fulfilled regularly after equipment utilization, then its service life will be much longer than before without the recurrent occurrence of failure. In a word, the service life of ring die is inseparable from the daily maintenance and overhaul.

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