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Effect Analysis for Pellet Fuels Produced by Biomass Pellet Machine

The quality of finished products manufactured by biomass pellet mill is a key indicator for customers to purchase. Currently, the bio-mass fuels in markets are generally the finished products of agricultural wastes, domestic wastes and municipal refuses. The factors for influencing the suppression effect of biomass pellet plant are included in the following content.

biomass pellet machine

Different kinds of raw materials can directly influence the color, outlook, smoothness and suppression effect as well as the fuel value of biomass pellet fuels. The grinding process is the first procedure for manufacturing biomass granule fuels. The grinding result will directly impact the following pressing process. As an important indicator for crushing efficiency, the proper fineness of grinding is in favor of the improvement of working efficiency and fuel quality. Thus choosing appropriate grinding fineness is necessary.

Biomass pellet mill with wide application range and great popularity among customers is mainly used to suppress materials into pellet fuels in the shape of cylinder. While compared with biomass pellet making machine, biomass briquette machine is mainly utilized to press raw materials into biomass briquette as fodders or fuels with relatively large volume.

As the finished products of wastes, biomass pellet fuels have great advantages of high purity, cleanness and healthy as well as feeding convenience. Pellet fuels without thermogenic foreign matters inside could not produce chemicals with severe impact for the environment after combustion. In addition, the biomass particle fuels with standard specification is easy for feeding without much human input. What’s more, after the combustion of biomass fuels, the dust can be re-utilized as excellent organic fertilizer.

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