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Exterior Factors for Impacting the Pellet Mill Output

As the resource processing equipment, pellet mill press machines are more and more popular among domestic and overseas customers. here some exterior factors will be analyzed for customers with the purpose of output improvement.

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1) Grease  The amount of the oil to be added should be controlled at 0.5%-1% for the benefit of less abrasion and output elevation. Also it is easy for particles to pass the die hole. While when the amount is higher than 2%, the particles would be in looseness and difficult to take shape. And the oil for lubricating the pellet mill must be clean and sealed well without foreign matters.

2) Coarse fiber  Appropriate coarse fiber content(3%-5%) is beneficial to bond particles together, reduce the pulverization rate of particles and improve the pelleting output. However, when the content is above 10%, the particles hardness and shaping rate will be influenced because of the poor cohesiveness. Also the pellet mill machine will be rubbed and pelleting yield will be reduced.

3) Protein  Materials with high protein are easy to have great plasticity and strong cohesiveness after being heated. To some extent, the processing quality and productivity for pellet machine are increased.

4) Starch  Grains with high starch content is easy to be effectively milled under the condition of high moisture (16%-18%) and temperature (≥ 80℃). Without the humidity and temperature limit, brittle particles would be produced with no chance to take shape.

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