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Auxiliary Equipments of Fote Wood Pellet Mill

Auxiliary equipments of wood pellet mill include trommel, shredders, dryer, host, cooler. Wood pellet mill is used to pelletize many kinds of raw materials, like sawdust, husk, rice husk, straw, wood, twigs, scraps and so on. Moisture content of raw materials is less than 12%. Production base of wood pellet mill should be larger than 50 square metre. Production process of wood pellet mill: if the raw material is longer than 1cm, a wood pellet mill is necessary. As raw materials, forestry residues can be pelletized into biomass particles. the finished particles feature long combustion time, smoke-free and tasteless.

wood pellet mill

With the reforming and opening policy, demand of industrial coal is increasing. Biomass particles can ease wood supplying. Pelletizing effect of biomass pellet machine is an important factor affecting customers’ decision. In the current market, many kinds of crop straws, like rice husk, sawdust residue, peanut shells, corn cobs and so on. Wood pellet mill is widely used in livestock industry. Livestock farmers operate pellet machine by themselves. Otherwise, particle size can be adjusted in accordance with real situation.

With simple structure, small space, low noise and easy operation, Fote wood pellet mill has been widely used by small and large-sized livestock farm. The finished particles have many advantages: under the great pressure, starch in the feed will be matured. The finished particle is hard, conforming biological properties. Palatability has been improved, and trypsin resistance factor in cereals and legumes has been changed. Parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms have been killed. If you are interested in wood pellet mill, please leave us a message. We will give you a response as soon as possible.

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