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Wood Pellet Mill Plans Have Been Approved in Europe

With the fast development of social economy, energy resource has been shortage. Energy issue has been a worrying question. So, how to improve energy efficiency and conversion rates has been the first task in our production process. Fote wood pellet mill plans have been approved by many Europe developed countries. Fote wood pellet mill plans can pelletize wasted rice, wood chips, twigs into particle fuel with high density.

wood pellet mill

As we all know, plant fuel is the most environmental particle in the world. So, wood pellet mill plans can process many wasted plant and save a large amount of energy. Compared to traditional kerosene fuel, the finished biomass particles can reduce emission and ease energy crisis. We think that the wood pellet mill plans will be widely used in the future.

With the higher and higher requirements for the wood pellet mill plants, wood pellet mill plans can’t meet production demand. In recent years, with high output, good forming and conversion rate the wood pellet mill plans have attracted more and more enterprises. As we know, because of low output and coarse particles, traditional wood pellet machine are used in small workshops.

The wood pellet mill plans have overcame the disadvantages of traditional pellet mills. We have improved the production efficiency, and the finished particles feature compact structure and smooth surface. At the same time, wear intensity will be reduced to a minimum to prolong lifespan of wood pellet mill plans. The new wood pellet mill plans have been approved by many large enterprises. The crop straws are scattered on the ground, and it is not convenient to collect, transport, store and apply. Under certain temperature and pressure, the wood pellet mill plans can pelletize the raw materials into particles, rod and blocks.


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