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Mixed Particle Feed Produced by Fote Wood Pellet Mill

With the spreading and popularizing of the wood pellet mill, pellet mill provide strong motivation for feeding industry. More and more livestock farmers want to purchase wood pellet mill to produce biomass particle feed by themselves. Fote wood pellet mill has been the ideal equipment for breeding specialized households, small and medium breed specialist to realize process particle feed. Because of simple structure, Fote wood pellet mill is widely used in small-scale aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms and individual farmers.

wood pellet mill

The pellet mill can pelletize the mixed powder feed into cylinder particles by one time without water and drying. The temperature of finished particles is about 70℃. With smoothly surface and high hardness, the finished particles are cure inner. Particle size is adjustable, and you can add all kinds of additive drugs into the particle feed, with little nutritive losses. At the same time, you can kill microorganism and parasites to guarantee the feed quality.

Coarse fodder includes the hay, agricultural (pod, vines, shells, stalks, seedling), leaves, lees. They feature widely resource, variety and high quality, and they are mainly feed in winter and spring. The crude fibre has high fibre content and Vitamin D. During the feeding, you should match the crude fibre with other fodder.

Energy feed: corn, sorghum, barley, potato, seed, which has high energy and 7%~11% crude protein content. Due to the unbalanced trophic structure, the finished particles produced by wood pellet mill are not suited for pig. So, you should add some nutrient additives to realize comprehensive and balanced aquaculture feed. Protein feed includes vegetable protein feed, animal protein feed and other protein feed, which have high protein content. Wood pellet mill can produce mixed particle feed to realize scientific and health cultivation.

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