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Automatic Feeding is a New Skill of Briquetting Machines

Fote briquetting machine is mainly used to briquet many kinds of hard forming powder materials. Fote briquetting machines are installed with screw feed device, featuring high pressure. With advanced technology and reliable quality, Fote briquetting machines are suited in medium and small enterprises. Fote briquetting machines are used in industrial gasification boiler, cold-type focus, coal ignition, civil coal, civil metallurgy, refractory, medicine and so on. We have made some improvement on the structure and surface in accordance with customers’ advises. Compared to congeneric products, Fote briquetting machines feature high balling rate, low consumption and compact structure.

briquetting machines

As an environmental equipment, Fote Heavy machinery can process industrial waste. The briquetted material is a kind of coal slime, which can be briquetted into coal briquettes. If all of the coal slime can be utilized, our environmental protection policy will be well received. Fote briquetting machine is specialty on briquetting coal briquettes. Moreover, we have many briquetting information on our website, which is very helpful to your purchasing.

Briquetting machines have many advantages excepting energy saving and environmental protection. With an automatic feeder, the briquetting machine can realize automatic feeding. So, there is no operator on the production line. With high production efficiency and complete production technology, which never cause energy wasting.

Low rotating speed will result difficult demoulding of the materials. In general, rotating speed will between 10-20 circles. In addition to above information, the design of the briquetting machines is very important to the production. Materials proportion is very reliable, but materials blocking may appear in the production processing. To this problem, we install a automatic feeder to send the materials into briquetting machine.


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