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Great Tree Bark Pellet Mill in the New Century

The biomass energy, which ranks second to coal, petroleum and natural gas, is the fourth most important resource for human life and it plays an indispensable role in the whole energy system. Among so many biomass energies, the tree barks start to be widely accepted on the market.

Nowadays, the global tree bark pellet technology still remains in the initial phase of the industrialization development, so it is quite promising in the near future. For example, in the past people used to think of tree barks as wastes, but later they start to realize that to make new use of the tree barks is very meaningful. As the tree bark pellet mill is promoted on the market and in the real production, it provides much support for the wastes recycling project.

tree bark pellet mill

Before the tree bark pellet mill appears, the tree bark treatment is always a hot potato for the new rural construction project. Those tree barks thrown away casually not only cause serious pollution to the environment, but also results in a series of social problems.

In the condition, the national government puts forward effective policies to support the tree bark processing industry. By promoting the tree bark deep processing projects and developing the green biomass fuels, the current rural tree bark problem has been gradually improved.

The development and application of tree bark resource and tree bark pellet mill will assist the rural economy, improve peasants’ life and protect the ecological environment. The tree bark pellet mill is a great invention in the new century.

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