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4 Things You Must Know about Briquette Machine

Briquette machine (also called "briquette maker" or "briquette making machine") is used to press the powdery material which is hard to mold. There are mainly three types of briquette machines: coal briquette machine, ore powder briquette machine and dry powder briquette machine.

This article will share the answers of the common four questions about briquette machine, hoping you can get help.

Three types of briquette machine

1. How to choose a suitable briquette machine according to the materials?

Different briquette machines are suitable for different materials. The most suitable machine will improve the working performance and efficiency.

The installation site of briquette machine

Coal briquette machine is also named as the coal powder briquette machine. The molding process can be divided into cold press molding and heat pressing molding, and the current market is dominated by cold press molding; The cold press molding process is divided into binder forming and no-binder forming.

Coal briquette machine is mainly used for pressing the materials such as coal powder, coal slime, middling coal, coke powder, and coking coal.

The finished product of dry powder briquette machine

Dry powder briquette machine is mainly used for pressing the water-free materials, such as the quicklime powder, magnesia powder, copper concentrate, chromium ore powder, bauxite, nonferrous metal powder, refractory material and ceramic material. It is widely applied in the industries of metallurgy, chemical engineering, refractory material, etc.

Ore powder briquetting machine is usually used for pressing the nonferrous metal powder and the ferrous metal ore powder to improve the added value of materials. It is suitable for materials such as fly ash, sludge, oxide cinder, steel slag, iron powder, aluminum powder, silico-manganese ore powder, etc.

Ore powder briquetting machine

2. What is the effect of material pressing into balls or blocks?

Powdery materials have a lot of inconvenience in the process of storage and transportation. After the material is pressed into balls and blocks, it is convenient for transportation to a large extent and relatively saves space in storage.

For the coal powder, the briquette machine can press the collected coal powder into pellets for combustion and smelting, which can make full use of resources and make a great contribution to environmental protection.

3. How to adjust the size of the outlet of the briquette machine?

The size of the discharge port of the briquette machine is mainly adjusted by the roller. The roller of the briquette machine is an essential component in the briquette machine, which determines the size of the finished product.

Different rollers of briquette machine

According to the different ways of assembling, the roller of the briquette machine can be divided into the integral type and assembly type.

The integrated roller is more convenient to use, easy to install and disassemble, but once the roller is damaged, it will affect the quality and work efficiency of the whole machine.

However, for the separate type, many bolts need to be tightened during the installation, and the daily replacement is complicated. However, if its roller is worn out, only part of the roller needs to be replaced which reduces the use cost.

4. What are the shapes of the finished product? Which shape is more conducive to the use of materials?

The roller of the ball press can not only determine the size of the finished product but also its shape. At present, there are four types of briquette products on the market: spherical, elliptic, pillow-shape and hexagon, and the most common type is spherical, the surface of the finished product is large which can be used with high efficiency.

Different shapes of finished products

The customer can choose the different shapes of roller according to the nature of the material and the purpose of use.

Let’s take coal powder as an example. The family-sized coal is usually in the shape of spherical, with the weight of about 400g; the industry-sized coal is usually in the shape of cubic, with the weight of 500 to 2000g; some pillow-shape coals are used in the enclosed stove or cooker.

Currently, the most widely used briquette machine in the market is spherical type, which has a good performance in pressing and the finished product can be used thoroughly.


At present, the environment is in dire straits, the ordinary dust still does great harm to the human body, and the hazards of the metal dust and coal dust are unimaginable.

Therefore, if the dust produced in mining areas and other places can be all pressed into balls and blocks it will be convenient for people no matter in the process of transportation or use, and the human body can greatly reduce the inhalation of dust, which won't be harmful to human health.

Working site

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