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What are the Requirements of the Briquette Machine for Materials

Firstly, what is a briquette machine?

Briquette machine is also called briquette press machine or ball press machine, and it is used for dealing with the tailings and pressing the powdery materials for formation.

Briquette has wide applications and can press various materials for formation, such as aluminum skimmings, activated carbon, aluminum oxide, bauxite, caustic soda, wood charcoal, clay, coke breeze, coal, kryocide, chemical fertilizer, limestone, urea, etc.

Briquette machine

The purpose of the briquette machine is to reduce dust, control the volume, recycle and be convenient for transportation. However, in the process of pressing the powder, if the powder is pressed under the smaller strength, the pellet is easy to break off.

Second, what are the reasons for the smaller pressing force of briquette machine?

During the pressing process, there are friction and resistance inside the powdery materials, which prevents the proximity and compaction of the powder grains.

That is, under the influence of external force, and because of its non-uniform shape and particle size, the mutual friction between the surface eventually leads to the overhead phenomenon between the particles. The slippage of the powder particles is affected so that the remaining spaces cannot be filled.

Another reason is that under the high strength of pressure, the powder in the briquette machine contact with each other closely. And because of the high compression, the surface of the powder particles have different degrees of shear deformation.

Some soft materials and other materials can be very good molding without adhesive. In order to get a better molding effect, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the nature of the powder particles.

Error example of briquette machine

Third, what are the requirements of the briquette machine for materials?

The particle size of materials

The particle size of the materials should be small. From the perspective of physics, the smaller particle size of the material, the smaller gap among particles. And the smaller particles are easier to aggregate, or else, it is hard to aggregate and compress, or it has a bad molding effect.

The humidity of materials

The low material moisture content will affect the molding, but if the material humidity is too high, it will cause the briquette machine blocked, and it will naturally cause demoulding. The high material humidity is a common cause of the briquette machine demodulation difficulty.

So how dry does a briquette machine feed need to be? Generally speaking, the raw material moisture should be controlled by 8% to 13% appropriately. In order to better shape the pulverized coal in the process of pressing, it needs to add some water or binder to improve the molding effect.

Material requirements of briquette machine

The purity of materials

Materials should not contain large amounts of impurities. Because the roller surface of the briquette machine directly contacts the material, so if the material contains impurities especially the hard metal, it will damage the surface of the roller during the pressing process, thus it will seriously reduce the effect of crushing and forming, and the working efficiency of the machine.

The input of materials

During the pressing process, the input of materials should be uniform. It is required that the content of inputting materials is equal to the pressing capacity of the briquette machine. If the content of inputting materials are more or less than the pressing capacity of briquette machine, it will have a bad impact on moulding.

Working site of briquette machine

The above all are the main reasons affected moulding of briquette machine. The moulding effect is related to the material itself and the quality of the machine, as well as the proficiency of the operator.

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