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To Avoid Straw Burning by Using Wood Pellet Mill

The 2016 autumn is coming! How to deal the agricultural straws appears again. Chinese people have a bad habit, not to accept defeat until at the end of one's rope. To explain in detail, solutions will not appear until the time is urgent. If there is no haze, people will never care about the straw burning.

wood pellet machine

Wood pellet machine is originated from Sweden, then across the whole Europe. The climate change is discussed about in 2012. At that time, we China have begun to consider about the wood pellet mill. Then, how the wood pellet mill to turn agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value?

The agricultural materials are required to have water content from 13% to 20% and size from 1mm to 5mm. Then, wood pellet mill suppresses them into biomass pellets, which are easy to be transported and have high thermal value. To reach the size demand, crushing machine is needed. It is normal in markets. Besides, it has wide application ranges.

For the agricultural straws to be harvested immediately, their water content is generally at 40% about. To reach the demand of water content from 13% to 20%, we need to dry them naturally or mechanically. From this, we can see a whole production line is formed by equipping the wood pellet mill with crusher and dryer.

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