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How to Improve Efficiency of Wood Pellet Mill?

Wood pellet mill can suppress materials, mainly depending on the mutual work of press roller and mold. Press roller suppresses materials into die holes. It is required that certain distance must exist between exterior edge of press roller and mold. The distance can influence the production rate of wood pellet machine. In general, the most ideal distance is 0.03mm.

wood pellet machine

From the angle of energy conservation, material layer on mold should not be too thick. Besides, to improve the production efficiency, we can increase the radius of press roller. But, to increase the diameter of press roller, we need to consider factors like suppressing speed, suppressing force and mold angle, etc. It is not causal to add number and diameter of press roller.

Suppressing speed do not have larger influence on suppressing force. But, suppressing speed can change the suppressing time. When suppressing speed increases, suppressing time will decrease. Larger the mold angel, stronger the suppressing force. But, since there is a larger contacting area between raw material and mold, frictional force and suppressing force will increase.

Therefore, suppressing force will be the smallest when mold angle is in the suitable scope. The best scope of mold angle is from 45° to 65°. As a supplier of wood pellet mill in China, FTM China Machinery is known as the NO.1 brand and has made the production for more than 30 years. Click website to get more!

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