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Points for Sufficient Burning of Wood Pellets

Biomass pellets, as the finished products of wood pellet mill, are often used as clean fuels for boilers. How they are burned out in boiler? The following content will discuss about it. To realize the sufficient burning, certain points are required. The first point is enough high temperature. Enough high temperature can ensure the energy for pellets to be burned out.

wood pellet machine

Meanwhile, the enough high temperature can ensure the effective burning speed. Igniting point of biomass pellets is about 250℃. The temperature increase needs the continuous supply of fuels. During the firing process, energy gradually accumulates and make many fuels be burned out. When temperature in furnace reaches to 800℃, biomass pellets can be burned out effectively.

The second point is suitable air amount. If air amount is too small, ignitable components will not be burned out. But, if air amount is too much, temperature in boiler will decrease and thermal efficiency will be influenced. The third point is enough burning time. To make all biomass pellets burned out, suitable burning speed is required.

The largest factor that we need to consider is to keep the staying time of biomass pellets in furnace as long as possible. As long as the time is enough, biomass pellets can be totally burned out. The fourth point is the timely intake of oxygen amount. As long as the above four points are met, biomass pellets will exert their largest thermal value and improve the working efficiency of boiler.

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