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Factors for Thermal Value of Wood Pellets

What factors can influence the thermal value of wood pellets? The most direct factor is internal cause. Internal case of wood pellets is the key factor for thermal value, which mainly refers to the raw material itself. Raw material is mainly composed of lignin, cellulose, starch, protein and fiber, etc.

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For different materials, their components and thermal value have larger difference. Besides, for different parts of one material, their thermal values are still different. According to the research, ash content in raw material can directly influence the thermal value of biomass pellets. Higher the ash content in raw material, smaller the thermal value of biomass pellets.

Thermal value of biomass pellets can be also influenced by the exterior environment. According to the study, exterior environment like climate, soil, temperature and human factor can influence the thermal value of biomass pellets. To some extent, we can see the different growing situation of plants from the thermal value.

Thermal value can not only be used as the effective index for plant growth, but also it is the base for studying the energy flow and energy content. No matter for what kinds of fuels, the basic reason is fuels themselves. Here comes the conclusion. Thermal value of wood pellets has no relationship with the work of wood pellet mill.

The work of wood pellet mill is just for controlling the volume and shape of raw materials. Click website to see the price of wood pellet machine!

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