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Wood Pelletizing Machine in the Recycle of Waste Plastic

Wood pelletizing machine has been widely used in coastal region and European countries. in recent years, Fote wood pelletizing machine has been widely used in many industries of Southeast Asia. Due to the lack of wood pelletizing machine, biomass particles have suffered serious shortage. So investing to the wood pelletizing machine is a good chance now. Maybe someone don’t know the functions of biomass particles, which has widely applications actually.

wood pelletizing machine

Resource and environment suffers serious threat and the situation is not optimistic. Reclamation of waste plastic has been paid high attention. A large amount of waste plastic has brought confusion to our life. To the environmental and resources problems in the world, Fote has researched the new type wood pelletizing machine. The waste plastic can be used in the market again through a series of production processing.

Recycling of waste plastic has been popular in the market, wood pelletizing machine enterprise is becoming more and more. Facing so many enterprises, how can you choose the ideal pelletizing machine? Wood pelletizing machine can be divided into three types: coal particles machine, which has a lot of dust, and the quality of finished products is unstable; power particles machine, which consumes large power and has no cleaning machine. The waste water will pollute production environment; the new wood pelletizing machine can improve output of the plastic particles. Electric charge takes up a large proportion in the particle cost, so, wood pelletizing machine with energy efficiency labels can brings obvious benefits.

You can choose appropriate template aperture. Small template aperture can result low yield and material blocking. So, you’d better purchase matched template to adjust the gap between the form board and roller.

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