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Consequences for Wood Pellet Mill With Worn Mold

If you meet the problems like too much powder production, poor performance of finished products or small output during the process to run wood pellet mill, you should consider whether the mold is seriously worn or not. If mold works for a certain period, its inner wall will be seriously worn out and hole diameter will become widen. Most finished products will be deformed, to be more serious.

wood pellet mill

To the situation that you still meet the above problems after debugging the distance between mold and press roller, you should open the pelletizing chamber and watch the wearing situation of mold. If it is seriously worn out or blocked by materials, you need to change it immediately. If mold is worn out, inner wall will become coarse and materials will be hard to move.

The output will suddenly decrease. When changing the mold, you should notice the wearing situation of press roller at the same time. If press roller is also worn out, you need to change the two parts at the same time. Or else, the new mold and old press roller would rub each other and it is not good for the new mold.

As a supplier of wood pellet mill, FTM China Machinery is only responsible for the debugging work of FTM machines. As to other brands of machines, we can help you for free. But, to change parts, we need to be payed. To see price on website!

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