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Excellent Wood Pellets of FTM Wood Pellet Mill

When it refers to the environmental-friendly fuels, why you select the wood pellets? Wood pellets are the finished products of wood pellet mill. The first reason to select wood pellets is that they are environmental-friendly. The major advantage of biomass pellets is its carbon neutralizing.

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Plants can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. After plants become withered, they can release carbon dioxide during the decomposing or burning process. Conversely, minerals can release carbon dioxide during the burning process and accelerates the global warming. Except that, wood pellets are originated from agricultural and forestry wastes.

Why do not we directly burn the raw wood, wood chips or other biomass materials? One of the reason is water content in raw materials. Even though for the dried wood, its water content still approaches to 30%. While, the water content in wood pellets is no more than 10%. The water content difference can still cause the difference of smoke production.

Wood pellets have small dust. For the soil or tree skin, they have been early removed during the working process of wood pellet mill. The energy density of wood pellets is about 3 times larger than that of wood chips. They are easier to be stored. Details decide the fate and minors decide quality.

For same parts of wood pellet mill, if they are assembled with different technology, their quality will still be different. Then, that’s why most suppliers would like to cost much for importing advanced manufacturing technology. Click website to see the price list!

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