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Factors for Working Effect of Ring Die Pellet Mill

If water content in raw materials is too high, the work of mold and press roller in ring die pellet mill will consume the heat energy and evaporate the water content. For those materials, they will stay in the pelletizing chamber and slip between mold and press roller. When the water content in raw material is almost consumed, discharging work can begin.

ring die pellet machine

At this time, if feeding work continues, discharging work will fail. If water content in raw materials is too low, molding work will be difficult and there will be a lot of powered materials. In general, the water content in raw materials should be controlled from 13% to 20%. The best water content in raw materials is about 15%.

Molding pressure is the most basic factor for work of ring die pellet machine. As long as the pressure is enough, raw materials will be suppressed. But, the molding pressure has closed relationship with the shape and size of mold. Most ring die pellet machines adopt the extrusion way.

Raw materials are continuously pressed by one end of mold and then are discharged out from other end continuously. At this time, the molding pressure required is in balance with the frictional force of inner wall. While, the frictional force has direct relationship with the shape and size of mold.

Some suppliers of ring die pellet machine want to increase the output by widening the press roller or mold. This is not practical. To see price on website!

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