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To Burn Biomass Pellets of Ring Die Pellet Mill

To fully burn the biomass pellets of ring die pellet mill, we need to consider the following points. The first one is the enough high temperature. The high temperature can ensure the energy for firing work and ensure the effective burning speed. The ignition point of biomass pellets is about 250℃.

ring die pellet mill

During the firing process, heat energy gradually accumulates and temperature continuously rises up. When temperature is 800℃ higher, biomass pellets can be burned out in a good way. The second factor is the proper amount of air. If air is too little, the ignitable components will not be totally burned out.

But, if air is too much, temperature in combustion room will drop and burning degree will be influenced. Besides, there will be a lot of smoke. Thermal efficiency of boiler will decrease. The third factor is the sufficient time for burning. Burning work has certain speed. To realize the sufficient burning, we need certain time.

The largest problem that we need to adjust is to keep the time for pellets to be totally burned out. The last factor is the timely intake of oxygen. The primary wind can blow, penetrate or even agitate the fuels. The secondary wind can rapidly and strongly enter. At the burning center, it should have enough oxygen.

When the above points are all satisfied, the thermal value of biomass pellets will reach to the extreme. To get more, please follow our website. Meanwhile, there is the price list of ring die pellet mill!

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