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To Develop Biomass Fuel With Ring Die Pellet Mill

In the biomass industry, money and policy are the bases for biomass enterprises to stand out in world. At present, the water and air pollution around the world becomes more and more serious. In future ten years, the world population will increase about 1.2 billion. After 50 years, the crude oil around the world is gradually dried up.

ring die pellet machine

Confronting with the huge pressure of energy and environment, it is quite important to develop the biomass industry. Through certain ways, we can turn the renewable organic wastes like agricultural and forestry wastes and livestock manure into bio-based products, animal feeds and biomass energy. By doing so, we can protect the environment and alleviate the energy crisis.

As a great power of agriculture, China has good natural situations for developing biomass industry. On one aspect, the growing area of agriculture is 0.16 billion hectare and the annual output reaches to 0.7 billion hectare. On the other aspect, the existing forest area is about 0.2 billion hectare and its covering rate is 20.36%.

The annual output of biomass resource is from 0.8 billion ton to 1 billion ton. To develop biomass industry, we have the ring die pellet machine. Ring die pellet machine, featured in the high working efficiency, strong working capacity and long service life, is capable to make good biomass pellets.

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