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It is Better to Use Ring Die Pellet Machine(III)

Even though governments have taken measures and do not allow the building of ethanol project, the current production is still huge. Plus with the corns used for making industrial starch and alcohol, supply of grain and feed becomes in short. How to develop the biomass energy in China is a new topic that requires us to consider about.

ring die pellet machine

To ensure the edible function of grains, we should limit the development of biomass ethanol. Secondly, to strictly limit the biomass ethanol, Chinese government should overcome the local and departmental protectionism. Why governments support the development of ethanol industry?

Biomass ethanol can bring the rich economic benefits and revenues, solve the employment problem and protect the environment. But, central government should consider it from overall situation. National Plan for Medium and Long Term Scientific and Technological Development is announced in recent years.

It clearly points out that to 2020, the production capacity of ethanol fuel should reach to 10 million ton and biomass diesel for 2 million ton. Before 2020, the production capacity of ethanol fuel is generally controlled at 1.5 million ton. Since governments do not support the project of making ethanol fuel with grains, the future 4.2 million ton ethanol fuel will take the non-grain crops as raw materials like cassava, sweet sorghum and straw, etc.

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