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It is Better to Use Ring Die Pellet Machine (I)

In Cuba, millions of people are starving. While, parts of grains are used for making fuels. In 2008, grain price suddenly increases in Egypt and other countries. At the root, it is the impact of energy price and rampart of grain trade. The disembarking price increase of international energy causes a series of coupling effects like increasing demands for biomass fuels.

ring die pellet machine

If biomass fuels are in high demand, a lot of grains will be used. Then, the grain price is disembarking. In the future, America, European and Japan will still have high demands toward ethanol. While, Cuba and other Asian countries can meet the demands by virtue of the rich ethanol resource.

But, there is a potential problem. The increasing cultivation of sugar cane and corn is a invisible pressure for land. If pastures in tropics and subtropics are used for growing sugar cane and corn, then farmers will destroy the rain forest to explore new pastures. This point is just like the words of a famous specialist in field of environment and energy:

“Rain forest can absorb majority of carbon dioxide on earth. But, as recent study shows that, the deforestation has produced another 2 billion ton carbon dioxide to earth. ”. From the perspective of environmental protection, if we have to destroy the ecological environment for making ethanol fuels, then this way is not good, even stupid.

To make the biomass fuels, we have the ring die pellet mill. Click website to see its charm.

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