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My View Toward the Production of Corn Ethanol

In terms of national strategy, biomass fuel has become a newly-type grain weapon. For a long time from the Second World War, effective demand for international agriculture is insufficient and the agriculture price continuously drops. Finding another new demand has become an important premise for the continuous development of America agriculture.

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Since from the 21st century, fundamental changes occur in the international market of agriculture. The development of biomass energy sets off the insufficient effective demand. Grain price continuously rises and farmers are benefited a lot. Demand is the blood for development.

Extracting energy from corn is of significant importance, since it can save a lot of oil. Corn is the important source of foreign trade revenue in America. For many countries like Mexico, they directly or indirectly take corn as their major grain. Therefore, the former agriculture ministry considers that the grains are strategic resources and play important roles for international relations.

In my opinion, the plan of processing corn into ethanol can not effectively reduce the dependence on oil. I think, the real purposes lie in: through this plan, America can increase the effective demand for agricultural grains, improve the grain price and make those importing countries be in passive situation.

To get the biomass fuels, we have the straw pellet mill. It does not take corns as raw materials, but the corn wastes or other agricultural wastes. To some extent, straw pellet mill is more environmental-friendly and energy-saving. To get price, please visit the website!

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