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How Obama Government Develop Biomass Energy? (IX)

Members of US Grain Council think that, even though a lot of corns are used for making ethanol fuels, their growing speed and scale can totally meet the increasing demand. If States support this industry, they will get all kinds of subsidies. Iowa State is the leadership among so many states.

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To 2011, 41 plants in Iowa have produced 3.7 billion tons of biomass ethanol and gotten 15 billion dollars. According to the latest study, there are 5% to 26% renewable components in ethanol fuels. Even if all corns are used for making fuels, only 12% oil can be replaced. Professor David fernando pimentel in Cornell university has made a research before.

To produce one galleon ethanol needs 21 pound corn. The energy used to make one galleon ethanol is larger than that of burning ethanol. During the process to extract corn ethanol, we need to use the traditional energy and a lot of greenhouse gas is produced. Even though we can save a lot of oil by using corn ethanol, the environmental pollution seems to still exist.

To plant corns, we need to use fertilizers and pesticides. The industry to produce fertilizers and pesticides is heavy pollution industry and needs to consume energy. In general, we use the distillation method to extract ethanol. To realize this way, we need to the use natural gas or coal. So, from this aspect, the production of corn ethanol is energy-intense and pollution-intense.

Then, following, what happens? Again, follow our website news. Meanwhile, to process corn wastes, we have the straw pellet mill. Click website to find more!

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