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How Obama Government Develop Biomass Energy? (V)

Compared with the active promoting of American government, ordinary Americans have different views toward the development of biomass energy. The earliest aim to develop biomass energy is to alleviate the influence of oil-price fluctuation. Under the influence of geopolitics and international market situation, price of crude oil stays at a high level and continuously rises.

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Geopolitics major in the unstable situation of Middle East. As to the marketing situation, it includes the increasing demands of emerging developing countries for crude oil and global economic situation. Under the situation that crude oil stays at a high level, a part of Americans come up with the method of using bio-ethanol to replace oil.

Why they come up with this method? America is the largest power to produce and export corn. 40% corns on the world come from America and America owns the agricultural system with the highest working efficiency. On the other hand, corns can absorb the carbon dioxide in air through photosynthesis. The large production of corn ethanol can not cause the global warming.

According to the statistics of LECG and LLC, the ethanol industry costs 22 billion dollars for purchasing raw materials, equipment, service and others. Besides, there are 2.5 billion dollars used for transportation for developing related industries. Government, universities and private enterprises cost 1.4 billion dollars for developing the second generation of production technology.

The ethanol output is about 9 billion gallon, which is equivalent to 0.3214 billion gallon of crude oil. Straw pellet mill is a maker of biomass materials. To see more, pls visit our website and download the price list!

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