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Material Jamming During the Operation of Coal Briquetting Plant

There are many reasons for difficult demoulding and material jamming of coal briquetting plant. We have summarized some classic cases, and now we will introduce the cases to you:

1. Low revolving speed, it is difficult to realize material parting. Revolving speed should be 10-20 circles. In addition to the above reasons, the structure of coal briquetting plant is very important. Coal briquetting plant has two collocation methods: molding machinery and hydraulic molding. To the viscosity materials, we can adopt hydraulic molding host to avoid difficult demoulding and material jamming.

coal briquetting plant

2. Unreliable roller design and too small ball socket, you’d better choose the coal briquetting plant, whose roller is longer than 3 cm. 3. In order to solve the materials jamming during production process, you can install an automatic feeder, which can send the materials into cabin uniformly. 4, Moisture content of briquetted materials is higher than normal standard. In general, moisture content should be 8-13 %, and you can use a dryer or natural drying.

Fote coal briquetting plant has widely applications, such as powdery materials, like lime powder, cryolite, aluminum oxide, chemical fertilizer, magnesium powder, bauxite, aluminum ash and so on. Coal briquetting plant is mainly used to reduce the dust pollution and control capacity. It is popular in steel mills, lime factory and metallurgy industry. Coal briquetting plant is mainly used to briquet and process powdery material. Coal briquetting plant is especially used to process waste gypsum, which can be used as retarder in cement industry.

Coal briquetting plant can be used to mix waste desulfurization gypsum and binder. Desulfurization gypsum can improve the performance of the cement, reduce the waste of gypsum and decrease environmental pollution. Then we can realize economic profit, energy conservation and environment protection.


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