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How Obama Government Develop Biomass Energy? (IV)

It is estimated that before 2030, the demanding amount for biomass fuels increases at the annual rate of 8.6%. To meet this demand, we need to help of governments. Obama government commits that 80 billion dollars will be invested for developing biomass fuels. Meanwhile, to ensure the safety to develop new energy and widen the international cooperation, Obama government actively uses all kinds of resources.

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In December, 2011, the State Department specially sets up the Bureau of Energy Resources. This bureau can upgrade the competitiveness in market changes through energy technologies and open the large door for rapid increase of America energy. According to the Statistical Review of World Energy in 2011, the global output of biomass fuel increases to 13.8% and it has become the rapidest one to reach this amount among the global liquid fuel.

The data shows that America and Brazil are still the leading powers of biomass fuels among the world. The output of biomass fuel in America takes 46.8% in the world and it tops first. Due to the adjustment of America for subsidy policies of biomass energy, the growing speed becomes slow. But, the output of biomass fuel in America still takes 48.0%. Biomass energy strategy is one of the strategies of Obama government to adapt the current world situation.

This strategy is of great importance to the economic transition, energy safety and international image of America. Meanwhile, this strategy is good for America to sustain the leadership status of political economy. Biomass fuels are the finished products of straw pellet mill. Click website to get its price!

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